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Users in Mavenlink represent the people participating in Workspaces. User objects are often returned as nested JSON objects within other returned items such as Posts or Stories.

User objects have the following readable attributes:

  • user_id - the internal ID of the user
  • full_name - the full name of the user
  • photo_path - the full url to the user's thumbnail
  • email_address - the user's primary email address
  • headline - the short description of the user as found in the user's profile

Fetching Yourself

You can also fetch data for the user whose token you are authenticating with using the /me endpoint:

curl ""

Fetching Visible Users

You can access all visible users via the API as follows.

curl ""

If the authenticating user is not an account admin, the request will return all users in workspaces that the authenticating user is participating in.

If the authenticating user is an account admin, the request will return all users in workspaces that any member from the account is participating in.

Because of this reliance on workspace participation, this endpoint will not return, for example, a member of your account that is not in any workspaces. Please use the on_my_account option (specified below) if you wish to simply see all users on the account.

Fetching Users On Your Account

You can access all active account members (regardless of workspace participation) via the API with the on_my_account param as follows.

curl ""

Associated Objects

You can users' associations with the include param. For example, to include returned users' role, you would do the following:

curl ""

In this example, our API will ensure that the returned JSON contains top-level keys called roles where you can find associated data by inspecting time users' role_id fields. See Object Associations to learn more. The following associations can be requested through the API:

  • role - the default account role of the user. Workspace specific roles are not shown.

Filtering Users

The Mavenlink API allows you to pass in filter conditions to allow the retrieval of only certain users.

  • participant_in - only return users that are active participants in the given Workspace
  • account_id - only return users that are on the given Account. This filter is not available in conjunction with the on_my_account option.
  • consultants_only - only return users that are in at least one Workspace as a consultant
  • clients_only - only return users that are in at least one Workspace as a client

For example to get all users participating in Workspace 1:

curl ""